Drewgees Legal Consult


Corporate and Commercial Practice

Our Corporate and Commercial Practice is supported by dedicated and highly-trained Solicitors who specialize in advising on a wide spectrum of contracts, joint ventures and commercial work. Leveraging on our extensive experience and understanding of the ever-changing regulatory business environments, we handle a wide range of areas in the domestic and international markets. Our expertise covers:

Contract Reviews
Local and International Joint Ventures
Corporate Reorganization
Business Strategic Alliances

Employment and Labour Relations

DrewGees advises companies and individuals on all aspects of Ghana employment law. Our capabilities in this area extend to alternative dispute resolutions, including arbitration, mediation and negotiation. We assist clients in drafting and advising on employment contracts and severance agreements/clauses. We also advise on termination of employment, transfer of employment as well as matters involving industrial relations. In particular, we are experienced in handling disputes relating to:

Employment Contracts
Wrongful Dismissal
Breaches of Confidentiality


DrewGees has extensive background in ADR / negotiation and mediation. Our collective

experience includes negotiating collective agreements, acting as nominee in labour disputes and participating in mediations and arbitrations. The firm provides a wide variety of ADR services to its clients including:

Negotiation of collective agreements, employment agreements and commercial

Mediation of employment, labour, commercial and other disputes.

Preparing clients for upcoming negotiations, mediations and arbitration.

Out of Court Settlements