Drewgees Foundation



“A focal point for societal CHANGE”


“Our Mission is to improve the lives of deprived individuals and promote the need for a sustainable financial independence as focal point for societal change”



  1. Provide intermediary charitable assistance to bridge the gap of deprived necessities;
  2. Offer scholarships to deserving but under-privileged students
  3. Promote sustainable financial independence


“A focal point for societal CHANGE”


Who we are & What we do

We are an independent charity organisation, headquartered in Ghana and based in Accra. We work with a range of partners seeking to transform the lives of deprived individuals especially women and children within the country. We believe partnerships are critical and therefore rely on partnerships with schools, hospitals, orphanages, churches and groups within the communities in tackling societal challenges surrounding us. Our areas of work include charitable works, scholarships and supporting smart ways to attain sustainable financial independence.

We place significant emphasis on needs therefore rely on evidence by working closely with our partners in order to achieve a sustainable impact on our charity works.


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