Drewgees Makeup Consult



Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture (Wikipedia). Lifestyle by DrewGees looks at the totality of our client’s wellbeing through inspirational, motivational and personal enhancement programs such as makeup and grooming. Makeup is a way of life and a “proper” makeup is what you see within you….your lifestyle. Beauty emanates from within before it can appear without. Our beauty consulting programs are just to enhance and bring out the best in our clients whether beauty or character. Lifestyle by DrewGees’s greatest passion is to enhance organisational and individual lifestyle and culture through law and makeup. Though these are two opposite professional paths, they both share the ultimate aim of enhancing the beauty of our environment through positive social emancipation and healthy lifestyle.


DrewGees Consult has beauty courses that are straightforward, professional and comprehensive. DrewGees works with you to make sure you successfully complete your makeup training. Each course comes with an assigned tutor and and many hands-on assignments. You get to practice your makeup skills on yourself, friends, or family members. Call or email us for more details on becoming a pro mua. Certificates of participation are awarded at the end of each course. If you are interested in training with us, contact us by mail or use our Contact Us Form.

Practical Freelance Makeup



No editorial can happen without a makeup artist (SHEEBA MAGAZINE). Editorial makeup is that kind of makeup that is not usually worn every day. This makeup is mostly used for magazine spreads and runway. Editorial makeup interpretes fashion and provides a look that helps to achieve the image of an editor, art director, photographer, brand or image. Its purpose is to tell a story. The most popular spotlights for editorial looks is face contouring. Our stakeholders in editorial include fashion designers, photographers, editors, art directors etc….call us or book an appointment with us for your editorial looks/shoots.



Looking glamorous is well within reach for all of us. It’s about a style that is perfectly balanced. The key feature of this look, is the face achieving a three-dimensional aspect in applying the kits with skill, that comes from an expression of health, as having a suppleness that is surreal. Glamorous Makeup is highly fashionable and is a veritable

symbol of prominence. It implies strong eye definition, intensely defined lips, and light luminous skin. Spotlights places emphasis on Highlighting. Our stakeholders include celebrities, models, actors, actresses etc. Call to book us for your glamorous look by DrewGees.


Special Effects (FX)

Despite the fact that makeup is frequently used in movie to make actors and actresses appear more beautiful, it can also be used to create scary look, beat-up, or appear inhuman. When a movie director needs a handsome actor to become a horrifying transformed zombie, he or she turns to the extensive talents of the special effects makeup artist. Whatever you need to create to make a story, documentary, series, movies into reality, DrewGees is always available to help you achieve that. Our stakeholders in special effects include film stars, movie/film directors, producers, documentary narrators, theme parties etc….Spotlights to this type of make places emphasis on Highlights and shadows. Call or email to book us.